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Japanese Beetle Trap with dual bait lure by Trece


  • $3999

Japanese beetle trap, used for control of Japanese beetle in lawns.


Pherocon TM Japanese beetle trap

The USDA and industry “standard” for monitoring Japanese Beetles, scarabs and their relatives. A high capture rate, sturdy, all weather, reusable plastic trap for multiple seasons. 

Japanese Beetle Traps are proven products which are used by homeowners, commercial growers, governments and researchers on a worldwide basis. The traps contain the key design features that have proven most effective over 50 years of testing and field experience. Their omnidirectional shape, smooth poly surface, scientifically tapered cone and attractive, permanent yellow color combine for highly efficient Japanese Beetle trapping. Traps are reusable for several seasons by replacing the lure. Lure is included with trap.

Beetles become trapped because they can`t fly vertically out of the container. Remove the bottom holding container of the trap for easy emptying. Beetles can`t chew their way through the container, as they have been known to do with plastic bag traps. The slight additional weight of traps helps keep the trap vertical, even in a brisk breeze, while the slots permit drainage.

Piège en plastique aux scarabées Japonais avec appât

Solution écologique.

Méthode sécuritaire et efficace pour éliminer les scarabées japonais dans la pelouse. Les appats floraux et sexuels attirânt les scarabées mâles & femelles. Le piège dur plus q'une saison. Les appâts de remplacement sont disponible.  Aide à minimiser le nombre des larves et de réduire les dommages qu ils causent.  Piège en plastique anti-intempéries. Plateau scellé à couvercle amovible. Appât dure toute la saison.

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